Soccer Sprouts 2022

UpdatedTuesday March 29, 2022 byAmanda Winschel.

We are excited to announce our new program, Soccer Sprouts- sponsored by Luna's Shaved Ice. This league will be for 3 & 4 year old's (Must be three by May 1) that are not old enough for the regular Pre-K division (Four by March 1).
For example, if your child turned four after March 1, 2022 they are eligible toplay or they turn three after May 1, 2022 they are eligible.
This program is designed to teach the kids the basics of soccer and provide guidance for parent coaches. We are looking for any parent willing to donate their time to help with this program. No experience necessary. All coaches will be provided with one soccer practice training where they will learn basic soccer rules and drills.
This season will include practices and scrimmage games during the weekdays (Mon-Thurs). Each child will recieve a soccer sprout shirt.
⚽️ Registration Cost: $30 per kid
⚽️ Registration Deadline: Friday, April 22
⚽️ Season Timeframe: Weeknights in May-June (No Weekends)
⚽️ Sign Up on the home page of our website, click the banner.
For more information, please email