Upcoming Important Dates: Spring 2021 Season

UpdatedWednesday April 7, 2021 byBrandy Balsman.

Below are some important dates that may pertain to you and your soccer family!

Spring 2021 Important Dates

January 11th Registration Opens
February 1st Registration Closes
February 8th Late Registration Closes ($10 fee added to each registration after Feb 1)
February 8th

POSL Board Season Meeting

(Divisions will be organized and coaches will be chosen at this meeting. If you are chosen as a coach, you will receive a call from your division coordinator to let you know you are a coach and will be asked to come to a meeting on the evening of February 9th to form your roster.)

February 15th Coaches Meeting:  Coaches will form rosters and meet with their division coordinator.

March 6th

Anticipated start of the season (weather dependent).
April 17th Anticipated end of the season (weather dependent).
April 9 All-Star Votes Due from head coaches
April 12 All-Star Meeting (K-8 head coaches required to attend) - Catalyst Business Center
April 24-25 Jackson All-Star Tournament
May 1 & 2 Marion, IL All-Star Tournament
May 8-9 The Bank of Missouri 2021 POSL Spring Classic (Perryville All-Star Tournament)
May 15 & 16 Cape Girardeau All-Star Tournament