Upcoming Important Dates: Spring 2022 Season

UpdatedTuesday November 23, 2021 byAmanda Winschel.

Below are some important dates that may pertain to you and your soccer family!

Fall 2022 Important Dates

January 1 Registration Opens
Jan 31 Registration Closes
Feb 4 Late Registration Closes ($10 fee added to each registration after Jan 31)
Feb 8

POSL Board Season Meeting

(Divisions will be organized and coaches will be chosen at this meeting. If you are chosen as a coach, you will receive a call from your division coordinator to let you know you are a coach and will be asked to come to a meeting on the evening of February 9th to form your roster.)

Feb 15 Coaches Meeting:  Coaches will form rosters and meet with their division coordinator.

Mar 5

Anticipated start of the regular season (weather dependent).
April 13 Anticipated end of the season (weather dependent).
April 8 All-Star Votes Due from head coaches
April 12 All-Star Meeting (K-8 head coaches required to attend) - Catalyst Business Center
May 7 & 8 Perryville All -Star Tournament 
  Jackson All-Star Tournament
  Cape All-Star Tournament 
  Sikeston All-Star Tournament