Spring 2018 Additional Registration Info

Please read if you are registering a player for the Spring 2018 youth league

Updated Sunday January 7, 2018 by Brandy Balsman.

Here are a couple items to note for the Spring 2018 Youth Soccer League:

1. Please check your child's profile information to verify that their age and current school grade level are accurate so that you can register them in the proper division.

2. If you have a little one playing in the pre-k division and they are already in the online system, please check their profile to make sure that it did not automatically advance them to kindergarten. If it did this automatically, it will only let you register them for kindergarten and not pre-k. In the Spring, Grade this Fall should be Kindergarten (as they will enter Kindergarten in the fall of 2018) and in the fall season it should be Pre-K. The system runs parrallel to our Soccer Calendar Year which is Fall to Fall so when you enter the grade level it needs to be depictive of the grade level that will be in in the fall season of the current year.

3. If you move your Pre-K/Preschool age child up to play in the Kindergarten division, please be aware that only children who are currently enrolled in Kindergaren are allowed to play on the All-Star teams.

4. Due to liability and safety issues, a child entered in the league to play in the Pre-K division MUST be 4 by March 1st.  We do allow a grace period for the age to meet the guideline by the end of the month but CAN NOT extend that period any further than that. We appreciate your understanding with this guideline that we must enforce.

5. Please be sure to double check your contact information  to update or correct any information as needed.  Your contact information must be correct in order for your player's coach to be able to reach you.  

6. If you are interested in coaching, please register yourself in the same manner that you do your child to play, only choose the Register to Coach option.

7. If your business would like to sponsor a team, be sure to get your information to Chad Winkler (cwinkler@winklerph.com) to insure your spot.  We fill these on a first-come-first-served basis.


Thank you!